I was beginning to slowly burn out and decided to take a week off from work and in the same breathe enjoy time alone away from the chaos of the city at this hidden gem. It also happens to be #LeoSeason. I recently celebrated my sons’ second birthday, my feisty little leo, followed by my sisters birthday, which is primarily the reason we’re actually at this hidden gem 🙂 This was a much needed RnR 🙂

I’m also planning this grandiose shoot for my blog. I’m actually thinking of coming back at this place for the shoot and spend another night. I’ll probably take advantage of the time we’re here to just envision the different out-fits and perhaps create a mood board of the same, then I will book John K and we can create some magic together. Sounds like a deal? 😀

Life has also been quite interesting since 2020 begun. I hardly watch news these days to be honest. I got so overwhelmed of all the COVID19 news and jut decided to totally keep off Lol, and in turn take safety measures by; stocking up on food in the house, wearing our masks and sanitizing. At the beginning, I was getting so agitated every-time I saw the infection numbers skyrocketing.
It’s also no doubt that life has been quite challenging for many of us. With job losses, salary cuts, losing loved ones to COVID19. It has been a season of deep reflection and honestly rebuilding our relationship with God. We need Him more than ever. I must say, I’m so grateful that the Almighty has walked along with us during this period. He is a God of Justice and He is so faithful and compassionate, we just need to trust Him and let Him lead the way. It’s that simple. 🙂

In other news, I have so many goals and dreams I’m pushing myself to achieve. Most of the times I give myself ultimatums then I realized, giving yourself an ultimatum is what ends up creating so much frustration in your life. In other words, set your goals, work hard towards them, but don’t set an ultimatum. Let everything unfold in it’s own time and see how much more you become fulfilled.

Oh wait, I just received an email from Zigo Fly, my shipping agent, notifying me of my Tommy Hilfiger order that just arrived at their warehouse in the US. About a month ago, I got two items from Tommy Hilfiger for myAce and myself and I CAN’T WAIT TO RECEIVE AND UNBOX THEM 😮 Y’all know how obsessed I am with online shopping. Also, my son tends to have quite the expensive taste, just like his mommy. Clearly, the apple does not fall far from the tree 😀

Thank you for reading.
Love &Light! XO!
❤️ ❤️

White turtle neck top: IKOJN
Ripped Denim: Fashionova
Kicks: Adidas Originals

Joy Wahome
Joy Wahome

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My blog is also my safe haven and you’ll be seeing a lot more content on self help here. I’m very intentional about improving my quality of life daily and so should you!

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    August 17, 2020 / 2:54 pm

    A day at a time we learnt to live.

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